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Undergraduate Beekeeping Course

inspecting hives in a prairie

Bee Biology, Management, and Beekeeping 

The ENT/BIOL 358X course, Bee Biology, Management, and Beekeeping, is offered during the fall semester and co-taught by Dr. Amy Toth and bee extension specialist Randall Cass. 

The class covers the biology and management of bee pollinators, focusing on honey bees. Fundamentals of bee biology are discussed, including life history, behavior, and development. The course includes practical aspects of beekeeping and non-honey bee pollinator management including disease management. Students work with live bee hives during three trips to local hives. Students are also required to enroll in the Great Plains Master Beekeeper program as an essential component to the class, earning credits through their coursework toward a Master Beekeeper certification.

The course is currently listed as experimental under the name ENT/BIOL 358X.